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Cost Efficient and Time Saving - MakeMyLabs’ Automation Capabilities Attracting Large and Mid-Size Organizations Alike

14/07/2021 7:34PM

Makemylabs embraces enhanced automation features that save time, money, and resources for the organization.

MakeMyLabs Workspaces - Collaborative Working Meets Collaborative Learning

11/08/2021 3:08PM

While the workforce largely continues to work and learn from home, one issue that has largely remained challenging across organizations is to efficiently leverage the power of collaboration and learning in teams. ...

MakeMyLabs Tailored Solutions Optimizing Hands-on Learning for Every Learning Context

09/09/2021 7:00PM

Hands-on learning is the most efficient way to ensure tech skilling, as it enables the learners practice and self-evaluate their newly earned expertise in skills and technologies. Optimizing hands-on learning which ...

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Chungcheongbuk-do to Host the 2021 Online World Martial Arts Masterships and WMC Convention 2021

20/10/2021 7:22PM

The 2021 Online World Martial Arts Masterships ( and World Martial Arts Masterships Committee (WMC) Convention 2021 ( will be held for six days from October 28 at the ...

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